All Seasons Heating And Air Scam Johnston Rhode Island

Summary – I worked for Patrick Integlia (Father of Tyler Integlia, Sabra Integlia, Tiffany Integlia ) at all seasons heating and air in 2013. I fixed his office equipment and I also built him an amazing website. Patrick has decided not only to stiff me out of my paycheck. but his friends state they will use violence against me for asking Patrick for my paycheck and posting my experience with Patrick Integlia Online.. So I decided to make this site..

***** All Seasons Heating And Air Is Currently Being Sued

In my opinion – IF you have used All Seasons, PLEASE check your parts and make sure you were not ripped off and check your hvac to see if the correct BRAND was installed. if you used this company

From the Court Calendar

3SC-2014-02858 KEEVERS,KAREN

Enjoy this video I put together. Even though I was robbed.. I will still keep my sense of humor and I spread this message with laughter rather then hate.. because in the end…. KARMA will shut this business down for good